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View External Tables

Version 2.3      Updated 28/11/2019            


This utility will list all tables in selected external databases. Users have the option of selecting any/all of the following types of table: local/ hidden/system/linked.


You can also view and (optionally) edit the contents of almost all external tables from the utility without actually linking the tables


It will work successfully:

a)  with ACCDB / ACCDE / MDB / MDE files

b)  with password protected files where this information is entered on the main form

c)  on the current database

d)  in 32-bit or 64-bit Access (there are no API declarations)


More Details ...


Colour Conditions

Version 2.0      Updated 08/11/2018            


This is a companion to the Colour Converter / Selector example


In earlier versions of Access, only 3 colour formats could be applied whether using VBA or the conditional formatting wizard. From Access 2010 onwards, the limit was significantly increased to 50 using the wizard but the limit of 3 formats still applies using VBA.


This example shows how to obtain an unlimited number of colour formats without using

conditional formatting either in VBA or by using the wizard.


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Password Login (with Session Login Information)

Version 5.3      Updated 17/02/2020            


This is an updated version of another old utility written by David Crake and is a companion to the Logged In Users utility


I have converted it to ACCDB format and modified the code so it will work in any version of Access from 2007 onwards (32-bit or 64-bit)


Other changes include stronger encryption of passwords using an RC4 cipher, management of expired passwords and user access levels


More Details ...

JET ShowPlan Manager

Version 2.4      Updated 17/12/2018            


The Jet ShowPlan feature is used to view the execution plan of Access queries and SQL statements. The query execution plan is a set of instructions to the database engine that tell it how to execute a query as quickly as possible


In order to use the JET ShowPlan feature, you first need to setup the feature in the registry. This requires knowledge of the correct locations for several registry keys, some of which depend on Windows & Access versions & 'bitness' and whether Office 365 is installed.


The JET ShowPlan Manager application is designed to make this process as simple as possible


More Details ...

UK Postcode Address & House Price Lookup

Version 1.2     Updated 10/12/2019          


This app is used to get a list of addresses & house price info for selected UK postcodes together with the geo-coordinates and a static Google map for that postcode


NOTE: This is a free cut down version of the UK Postal Address Finder app available as an ACCDE executable file. Source code can be purchased separately if required


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View & Edit Import/Export (IMEX) Data Task Specifications

Version 2.2      Updated 10/01/2021            


A new wizard driven XML based system of Import/Export Data Tasks was introduced with Access 2010. However, ease of use has also led to greater obscurity in how it works


This utility can help manage these IMEX data tasks. It contains code to do the following:

a)   View Import/Export Specifications

b)   Execute Data Task / Run Data Task

c)   Modify Data Task Path

d)   Modify Data Task Destination

e)   Rename Data Task

f)    Delete Data Task


The utility is intended for use by program admins when deploying ACCDE or ACCDB files


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