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The applications on this page are free to download and free to use.

Almost all items are supplied with full program code and will work in both 32-bit and 64-bit Access unless stated otherwise.


We do not give the same support to these programs as for our commercial programs.

However, please contact us if you have questions or suggestions for improvements.

CDO EMail Tester

Version 1908      Updated 09/08/2019              


This is used to test sending HTML or plain text emails directly from Access without using Outlook. If there are issues, error messages are displayed to assist with fixing the problem(s).

Updated 23/03/2019 for compatibility with both 32-bit & 64-bit Access and a fix for GMail issues


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Countdown Timer

Version 1910      Updated 16/10/2019            


This is a countdown timer similar to that found on all smartphones these days.

Set the time interval (min /sec) and optionally play a selected sound (wav) file when time is up.


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A Better Date Picker

Version 1.0      Updated 17/10/2016            


This is a better date picker that has no Active X controls and can also be used in 64-bit Access.


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SQL to VBA and back again

Version 3.03      Updated 28/09/2018          


This is a an enhanced version of a utility originally created by Allen Browne.

It was designed to help developers convert query SQL to VBA (or vice versa)

NOTE: Version 3.03 fixes issue with Copy to Clipboard in 64-bit Access


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Web Version Checker

Version 2.0      Updated 28/05/2017            


This example app is designed to show how users can be alerted to program updates on a specified web page.


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Text to Speech

Version 2.0    Updated 28/09/2017              


This is a simple demo to show text to speech can be added to an Access database.


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A Speaking Clock

Version 1.0    Updated 29/08/2017            


This is a simple speaking clock to demonstrate the use of Microsoft Text to Speech (SAPI)

Those in the UK may recognise that it is based on the old speaking clock utility provided by BT


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View Logged In Users

Version 3.1      Updated 20/10/2018            


This is an updated version of a utility originally created by David Crake to view users logged into a selected database

The new verrsion works with both ACCDB & MDB files including those protected by a password


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Subform Shrink & Grow

Version 2.0      Updated 26/06/2018            


This is a very simple application to show how, at the click of a button, a subform can be shrunk & hidden or made visible & enlarged.

The idea is to remove unwanted white space in a form when the subform is hidden


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Cascading Combo Boxes

Version 3.46      Updated 22/06/2018            


This is the first in a series showing different ways of filtering and grouping data in Access.

Cascading combo boxes are particularly useful where you have a very large dataset that would be impossibly slow to search using a single combo box or listbox. This example is a cut-down version of the postcode builder used in the UK Postal Address Finder application (UKPAF)


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Patient Login (Kiosk Mode)

Version 3.0      Updated 29/10/2018            


This is the second in a series showing different ways of filtering and grouping data in Access.

It is an example of a typical patient login system similar to that used in my local medical practice.


It would normally be used on a touch screen with no keyboard and occupy the entire screen

(kiosk mode).


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Multiple Group & Filter

Version 1.8      Updated 09/01/2019            


This is the third in a series showing different ways of filtering and grouping data in Access.

It includes two different examples showing the use of multiple combo boxes & toggle buttons to filter, group data & chart data.


The examples are:

a)   Student Target Group Explorer - as used in UK secondary schools to identify students

     in specified target groups so that appropriate action could be taken and results analysed.

b)   Incident Analysis - a modified version of a form used by clients working for TfL to analyse

     incidents of vandalism and graffiti on the London tube network.

Both examples use fictitious data


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