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Colour Conditions

Version 2.1      Updated 06/03/2019            

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This is a companion to the Colour Converter / Selector example application.


In earlier versions of Access, users were limited to 3 conditional formats 

(or 4 colours including the default)

This applies whether using VBA or the conditional formatting wizard


From Access 2010 onwards, a significant improvement was made with up to

50 colour formats available using the CF wizard

BUT the limit of only 3 colours still applies using VBA.




This example shows an alternative method of obtaining an unlimited number of colour formats in VBA without using conditional formatting.


The colour formats are stored in a lookup table.


This approach will work in any Access version (32-bit or 64-bit)

(at least from 2000 onwards)







The attached zip file includes both ACCDB & MDB (2000) formats



Click to download Colour Conditions     Approx 0.6 MB  (zipped)

ColourPicker ColourConditions2 ColourConditions1