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Emulated Split Form

Version 10.0      Updated 02/10/2017            


This demonstrates the use of an emulated split form which was designed to overcome many of the limitations of the standard version supplied with Access


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Day Tracker

Version 1.0      Updated 25/06/2017            


This is a simple day tracker for counting the number of days since an event or until an event


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UK Postcodes

Version 2.01     Updated 10/11/2017            


This is a fully searchable database of all current UK postcodes. It provides more info than you'll ever need to know about each postcode together with a Google static map of the location


NOTE: This is a free cut down version of the UK Postal Address Finder app


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Access Error Codes

Version 2.0      Updated 20/07/2017            


This contains details of all VBA errors for Access 2010 as supplied by Microsoft


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Student ICT Database

Version 1606         Updated 13/02/2016          


Originally intended for use in schools and colleges.

This can be used to maintain students' (or staff) network user names and passwords easily.


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Signature Capture & Ink Edit

Version 1.0      Updated 02/10/2017            


Two example databases intended mainly for use with Windows tablets.

1. Capture customer signatures as images

2. Convert text input by hand into standard text


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Kiosk Style 'Locked' Database

Version 1.0      Updated 28/08/2017      


A kiosk style database intended for use with a barcode scanner and which can be 'locked'

The main purpose is to maintain focus on an Access form by preventing users moving outside the database 'window'.


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Available Connections

Version 3.0      Updated 08/09/2018      


An Access database can create up to 255 simltaneous connections to local & linked tables.

However, if a large number of connections are left open, the performance of the application will deteriorate & eventually it may crash with a message: 'Cannot open any more tables' or 'Cannot open any more databases'.  


This utility can be used to monitor the number of open databases/tables that can be created before these errors appear.


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Colour Converter & Selector

Version 2.21    Updated 31/12/2020      


This is a simple application to demonstrate two different methods for selecting and converting colours between the three different formats used by Access: OLE, RGB & HEX.


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Combobox Zombies

Version 1.0      Updated 26/10/2018      


This is a small puzzle for anyone interested.

The example application contains a form with a combo box whose row source is an empty value list. Yet the combo containds several values when viewed.


Can you work out where the combo list info is stored?

Better still can you re-create this scenario in another database?


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