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Colour Converter & Selector

Version 2.21    Updated 31/12/2020              

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This is a simple application to demonstrate two different methods for selecting and converting colours between the three different formats used by Access: OLE, RGB & HEX


1. The colour converter utility can be used to:

   a) select a colour and view its OLE colour, RGB and HEX values

   b) convert colour values between these formats


   NOTE: This is a modified version of a utility by Daniel Pineault which is available at 

   his DevHut website


2. The colour categories utility is intended to assign colours to particular types of event

   For example, I use this in a calendar event application.

   This item also includes the use of the MS colour picker control


To use either of these in your own applications:


1. Colour converter

   Copy the form frmColourConverter and module modColourConvert


2. Colour categories

   Copy the form frmColourCategories, report rptCalendarCategories and module





v2.2 08/03/2020: Fixed issue with the colour picker dialog in 64-bit Access.

v2.21 26/12/2020: Fixed 2027 date error! Thanks to Dave Thompson for spotting it!



Click to download Colour Converter v2.21      Approx 0.7 MB  (zipped)

ColourConverter2 ColourCategories ColourPicker ColourConverter1

Further reading:

See this post by The_Doc_Man at Access World Forums for a very clear & detailed

explanation of how RGB & hex colour values are related.

See also this companion example:  Colour Conditions.

This shows how to obtain an unlimited number of colour formats without using

conditional formatting either in VBA or by using the wizard.