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Version 2.0      Updated 12/10/2019              Approx 0.6 MB


Attached is an example web version checker application which shows how users can be alerted to program updates on a specified web page.

You may find this useful if you intend to distribute version updates via the Internet.


The way this works is as follows:

The code identifies if a new version is available by 'reading' all the contents of the web page to a temporary text file

It then searches the text file for a specified string where the web version number is given.


If the web version is higher than the local version, the user is alerted

The whole process takes a fraction of a second to complete


If a new version is available, a message similar to this will appear:

The user can then go straight to the website & download the new version


NOTE: the link will take you to this website,

The latest version on the website is 5322 (as of 28/05/2017)

However, there is no point you downloading the program update listed as it requires a product licence key to install!


If the current version is the latest available, a message similar to this will be shown:


To use this code with your own databases:

1. Add the VBA reference 'Microsoft Internet Controls'

2. Import the modules modFunctions & modInternetDownload

3. Import the table tblLocalVariables or adapt the code to use similar data in another table of your own

4. The main code is contained in the procedure: CheckLatestWebVersion in modFunctions. You will need to ADAPT this as necessary to suit your own database version numbering and website page contents


In my own production databases, the CheckLatestWebVersion procedure is run automatically from the startup form when the program administrator logs in


v2.0 07/10/2019  

Bug fixes and changes to simplify condiional compliation for 32/64-bit Access


Click to download:  Web Version Checker

Web Version Checker

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CERT Version 1.43

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