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Version 1602      Updated 13/02/2016               Approx 0.9 MB


This is used to test sending emails directly from Access without using Outlook.


If there are issues, error messages are displayed to assist with fixing the problem(s)


Click to download:  EMail Tester

emailtester2 emailtester3

EMail Tester  

Student ICT database

Click any image to view a larger version ...

StudentICTDatabase EmailTester StudentICTDatabase2

Version 1602     Updated 05/04/2016               Approx 1.3 MB


This can be used to display remaining time during timed student tasks

A choice of alarm sounds are available to indicate when countdown time has completed


Click to download:  Countdown Timer

Countdown Timer

Countdown Timer1 Countdown Timer2


UK Postcode Finder

Version 2.02     Updated 05/12/2017               Approx 0.9 MB 


This s a fully searchable database of all current UK postcodes based on data provided by the Office for National Statistics (ONS)


This provides more info than you'll ever need to know about each postcode together with a map of the location (from Google maps)


Click to download: UK Postcode Finder





The postcode data must be downloaded separately from and is updated every 3 months. (early Mar/Jun/Sept/Dec)


Download the postcode data as a zipped ACCDB file

NOTE: This is a large file - approx 90MB zipped; 1GB unzipped


For further details, see the Word help file supplied with this application



This is a free cut-down version of the full UK Postal Address Finder app which has many additional features

UKPostcodes1 UKPostcodes2

CERT Version 1.43

UKPostcodesReport UKPostcodes2 UKPostcodesReport2 AddressFinder Return to Example Databases Page

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