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Version 2.0      Updated 02/10/2017               Approx 0.7 MB


This is a simple application to show text to speech can be added to an Access database.

It follows on from the Speaking Clock example app which is also available


Click on a button and the sample text will be converted to speech

You can also enter your own text and get that played back ...


I find it works well for almost all cases though some words can be pronounced in more than one way depending on context e.g. live, sow.

Long words like 'antidisestablishmentarianism' or 'supercalifragilisticexpialidocous' are handled with no problems

It even makes a pretty good attempt at 'otorhinolaryngologist' which I struggle to say


Of course the real fun is trying to get it to mispronounce words ... or to swear at you!


There are some serious uses for doing this e.g. assistance for those with poor sight.

If you click the checkbox at the bottom of the form, the control tip text for e.g. a button will be spoken when the mouse is moved over the button.

Unless you do have poor sight, you will probably want to switch that feature off again fairly quickly ....!



The application requires the Microsoft Speech Object Library reference which has been in all versions of Windows since XP if not before.

If the reference is missing, check you have Speech Recognition enabled in Windows Control Panel / Settings



Make sure there are no spaces in the file path used for this database

This is required for the text to speech feature to work correctly


Click to download:  Text To Speech  (zipped)

Text To Speech  

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CERT Version 1.43

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