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Version 2.0      Updated 10/09/2017              Approx 0.5 MB


The application demonstrates the use of Microsoft Text to Speech (SAPI)

For obvious reasons, make sure you have the sound turned up.


As a simple example, I have created a speaking clock. This has been designed to emulate the British Telecom (BT) speaking clock available in the UK.


For example:

"At the third stroke it will be 12 24 and 30 seconds. Beep. Beep. Beep."


The 'beep' sound file is also included in the zip file.

Save to the same folder as the database file


The database opens in a floating window with the Access interface hidden

To view the code, use the shift bypass key to open the database



The text to speech code could easily be used to create voiceover commands as an ease of access feature aimed at users with poor vision


The application requires the Microsoft Speech Object Library reference which has been in all versions of Windows since XP if not before.

If the reference is missing, check you have Speech Recognition enabled in Windows Control Panel / Settings



Make sure there are no spaces in the file path used for this database

This is required for the text to speech feature to work correctly


Click to download:  Speaking Clock  (zipped)


Also see the Text to Speech example application

A Speaking Clock

Click the image to view a larger version ...


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