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Get Geolocation From Photographs

Version 1.2   25/10/2019


If you're anything like me, you will have built up a large collection of digital photos from your phone or camera but may have forgotten where many of those photos were taken

This app is designed to manage that situation and was prompted by a request from AWF member MickJav in this thread


It was adapted from my existing example app Get Current Geolocation


It works by extracting the geolocation info which may be saved as part of the EXIF data stored with the photo. The code to do this was written by Wayne Phillips of



The data extracted includes latitude, longitude & altitude together with the date/time taken.

A static Google map is then loaded centred on the saved location data.

The closest address to the saved co-ordinates is also displayed

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1.   This only works for JPEG files (standard filetype for digital photos).

2.   In addition, Location Services must be enabled on your phone (if you have this as an option)

3.   Many older cameras/phones may not include this information.


A message is displayed to indicate when no geolocation data is available



Other features:

a)   The photo may be rotated clockwise in intervals of 90 degrees if it isn’t properly displayed.

b)   You can choose from the following map types: roadmap, terrain, satellite, hybrid

     The map may be zoomed in/out or nudged up/down/left/right.

     NOTE: Each change requires a new map to be downloaded but this is almost instantaneous

c)   A full screen ‘dynamic’ map can also be used as an alternative


Using this app requires an Internet connection and a ‘free’ Google Maps API key

When the app is first opened, you will be prompted to enter an API key.


Follow the instructions on the form to obtain a Google Maps API key then enter it on the form.

You will need to provide bank card details when you obtain your API key


Downloading maps is free for small/medium use (currently 100,000 free requests per month) though charges can be significant for large scale use (currently $2 per extra 1000 requests per month).


I've also included 6 sample photos for testing how the application works.

5 of the photos include geolocation data

PhotoLocationAPIKey PhotoLocationForm PhotoLocationForm2