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Public Function GetEasterSunday(Yr As Integer) As Date


'Code taken from


   Dim D As Integer

   D = (((255 - 11 * (Yr Mod 19)) - 21) Mod 30) + 21

   GetEasterSunday = DateSerial(Yr, 3, 1) + D + (D > 48) + 6 - ((Yr + Yr \ 4 + D + (D > 48) + 1) Mod 7)


End Function

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Updated 07/07/2017              


The function below calculates Easter Sunday for any year.

Apparently, that is the first Sunday after the first ecclesiastical full moon that occurs on or after March 21.

And there was me thinking they just made it up every year ....



Easter Calculator


That's it!


The code is adapted from code written by Chip Pearson for Excel

I just made minor tweaks to use it in Access


Apparently its 'only' guaranteed to be correct between 1900 and 2368 - I've no idea why.

After that it doesn't always work

However, if you're planning to still be around in 2369, you've got plenty of time to modify the code .. and to post a new version here


If you've never checked Chip's site, I strongly recommend it.


Unfortunately Chip Pearson died earlier in 2018 but his website is still available at the moment

It also has code to calculate other holiday dates (mainly USA such as Thanksgiving)


Also many other 'goodies' such as 'Programming The VBA Editor' using the 'Microsoft Visual Basic For Applications Extensibility 5.3' reference library




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