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Organising a successful curriculum enrichment programme for schools can be a highly complex and very time consuming task. However, the outcomes for both students and staff are usually highly beneficial and can be a major contributory factor in providing a positive school ethos.


The Curriculum Enrichment Organiser program was originally created  in 2005 and has been extensively developed in succeeding years.


It is used to manage all aspects of a school curriculum enrichment programme including:

    - organisation of activities and risk assessments

    - production of activity booklets

    - allocation of students and staff to activities

    - timetabling of rooms to activities

    - medical and contact information

    - bookings and transport for external trips

    - organisation of staff cover in case of absence

    - student payments and activity costs

    - calendar events & task list

    - mail merge letters and group email

    - staff and student timetable viewer

    - student attendance


The program is also designed to be linked to SIMS and/or School Data Analyser.


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Click here to download a demo / trial version of the program with example staff & student data (file size approx 40MB)


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Curriculum Enrichment Organiser (CEO)


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