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All code samples are free to download and free to use in your own applications providing any copyright notices are included without any changes made.


All code will work in both 32-bit and 64-bit Access unless stated otherwise.


We do not give the same support to these code samples as for our commercial programs. However, please contact us if you have questions or suggestions for improvements.

Close All VBE Windows          

This is a simple function to close all VBE windows. This is very useful when so many windows are left open you can't find anything. It also significantly speeds up loading the VBE editor if it doesn't need to load lots of unwanted 'legacy' windows


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Updated 14/07/2017

Get list of VBA References & locations            

This article describes two different routines giving a list of VBA references & their locations.

This can be useful if you need to create a fresh copy of your database or deal with reference issues on a client machine. In such cases, it can be difficult to identify where certain references are located and the small size of the reference window doesn't help.


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Updated 05/11/2017

Create Index on linked SQL View          

This article explains how to add an index to a linked SQL Server view so that the data can

be edited in Access          


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Updated 25/11/2017

Manage Nav Pane / Ribbon / Taskbar / Application Window

This article explains how to manage parts of the application interface using VBA:

a) Navigation Pane - hide / mimimise / maximise

b) Ribbon - hide / minimise / maximise

c) Taskbar - hide / show

d) Application window - hide / show


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Updated 28/10/2017

Fix shrunken navigation pane        

Sometimes the width of the navigation pane can become so small that it cannot be expanded by standard methods.

This article describes 3 methods of solving the issue if it happens to you


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Updated 11/05/2018

The 'Upend' Query          

A very common database task is to both append new records to a table and update existing records. The standard approach is to use an APPEND query and an UPDATE query.

However, this article explains how to combine both of these into a single 'UPEND' query.


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Updated 18/09/2018

Prevent Copy & Paste in Forms        

This article explains how to prevent users copying and pasting text in forms


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Updated 29/10/2017

Group Page Numbering in Report          

Updated 21/12/2017

This article explains how you can reset the report page numbering at the start of each new group


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Easter Calculator        

Updated 07/07/2017

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Formatted Message Box

Updated 03/07/2017

This provides a simple method of using BOLD text in a standard message box


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