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Version 1.60      Updated 24/05/2018              Approx 0.9 MB


This example application demonstrates how you can use Access to create popup messages in the system tray notifications area. This is ideal if you want to alert users to issues such as:

•Product support or licence about to expire

•A new version available on the program website


The idea for this project came from a thread at Access World Forums:

Popup messages when new record added added


See the screenshots on the right which show examples of popup messages which will be displayed in the system tray notifications area


NOTE All screenshots were done in Windows 10.

Popup messages look different in earlier Windows versions



To use this code with your own applications:

1. Add the VBA reference 'Microsoft Internet Controls'

2. Import the table tblLocalVariables and adapt as appropriate

Alternatively, adapt the code to use similar data in another table of your own

3. Import all 5 modules

4. Modules modFunctions & modInternetDownload are used for the version check

The main version check code is contained in the procedure: CheckLatestWebVersion in modFunctions. This ‘reads’ the contents of a specified webpage to a temporary text file and searches it for a specified string from which the web version number is extracted

The web version is then compared with the local version number

You will need to ADAPT the code as necessary to suit your own database and website

5. The form also contains a non ActiveX calendar form frmDatePicker which will work in 32-bit or 64-bit Access. The code for this is in modDatePicker

NOTE: This is the Better Date Picker example app available separately here

6. The balloon tooltips code is contained in a standard module modBalloonTooltip and a class module BalloonTooltip.

Copy BOTH modules to your project to use this idea


Each message needs a single line of code e.g.

System Tray Alerts  

Click any image to view a larger version ...


ShowBalloonTooltip "INFO - New version available", GetProgramName() & " version " & intWebVer & " is available for download from the " & GetCompanyName() & " website", btWarning

An extra form frmBalloonTooltip is provided so you can test the functionality for yourself:


For further information, see the attached PDF file (zipped)



1. The balloon tooltips code works in both 32-bit and 64-bit Access

2. For the alert to work, you need to ensure you switch on notifications from Access in Windows settings

3. Recent versions of Windows 10 have included the Quiet Hours feature. When this is enabled (normally in evening & overnight), no notifications appear. Switch it off (or in daytime) & they return!

4. The balloon tooltips code is not mine - if anyone recognises it as their own work, please let me know & I will add your details to the code


Click to download:  System Tray Alerts   (zipped)

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