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Private Sub Form_KeyDown(KeyCode As Integer, Shift As Integer)


   Dim intCtrlDown As Integer

   intCtrlDown = (Shift And acCtrlMask) > 0


   If KeyCode = vbKeyV Then

     If intCtrlDown Then

       MsgBox "You Pressed Ctl + V"

       KeyCode = 0

     End If

   End If


   If KeyCode = vbKeyC Then

     If intCtrlDown Then

       MsgBox "You Pressed Ctl + C"

       KeyCode = 0

     End If

   End If


End Sub

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Updated 29/10/2017            


If you want to prevent users copying and pasting text into an Access form:


1. Set the form’s Key Preview property to YES

2. Put this code in the form's KeyDown event



Prevent Copy & Paste on Forms

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