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Updated 28/08/2018              


This example contains an updated version of the masked input box code originally written by Daniel Klann in 2003 for 32-bit Access only.


This updated version will work in both 32-bit and 64-bit Access


The conversion proved more tricky than usual. Many thanks to Access World Forums member riti90 for assisting with the conversion to 64-bit.


To test the code, click the button on the form and enter 'password' in the input box.

Masked Input Box


Import the module modMaskedInputBox to use the code in your own projects.


Typical usage:

Dim strText As String

strText = InputBoxDK("Type your password here.", "Password Required")



Click to download:  MaskedInputBox3264            Approx 0.5 MB (zipped)

Click the image to view a larger version ...

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