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Version 11           Updated 09/02/2019               Approx 0.6 MB


Like many experienced Access users, I abandoned split forms a long time ago as I found them difficult to adapt if you want to modify them in any way.


However many people still like the split form layout so this was done as a project to try overcome the difficulties inherent in the split form supplied with Access


Attached is a very simple application to show how it works.

It took many versions to work through various bugs before reaching this stage


Many thanks are due to the following members of Access World Forums for contributing to various stages in the development of the project:

a) Mark Klein (MarkK) - for suggesting the original code used in the Form_Open event

b) Arnel Puzon (arnelgp) - for providing code to highlight the selected row in the continuous form

c) Paul Steel (Gasman) - for testing various iterations in Access 2007 where there were additional issues

d) Static - for fixing a persistent error when moving through the recordset


Like the 'real' split form, the emulated split form (ESF) has a single form section at the top with a contnuous form at the bottom. However unlike the real split form, the data can be filtered as well as sorted.



UPDATE : Version 11B 09/02/2019

My colleague Salvo Fricano (santifrichi) contacted me a few days ago with a suggested enhancement to the emulated split form. The idea was to allow users to switch between 3 modes: split form / datasheet only / single form only (see screenshots)


I thought it was a useful improvement and have attached my version of this.

The 3 modes are selected using the buttons in the form header


Salvo has done the same thing using a class module and that will hopefully be ready for posting in the near future. The advantage of the class module approach done by my colleague is of course transferability of code.


We have agreed to post both versions so members can compare/contrast the code and choose whichever they prefer.


Many thanks to santifrichi for this suggestion


Click to download:

Latest versions:       Emulated Split Form v11B    (zipped)


                              Emulated Split Form v12  (class module) - AVAILABLE SOON



Previous version:      Emulated Split Form v10S   (zipped)

Emulated Split Form  

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