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Version 1910     Updated 16/10/2019               Approx 1.5 MB


This is a countdown timer similar to that found on all smartphones


It can be used to display remaining time (min/sec) during timed events

A choice of alarm sounds are available to (optionally) indicate when countdown time has completed


This was originally designed for use on a data projector in school classrooms for timing student tasks

For that reason, the countdown display is deliberately large and 'in your face'


The attached zip file contains the database & code together with about 20 copyright-free sound files.


An Access runtime file (ACCDR) is also available for those who do not need to view the code used


Click to download:  

         Countdown Timer      (ACCDB - zipped)


         Countdown Timer      (ACCDR - installable EXE file)



UPDATED 16/10/2019 - Modified code for use with 64-bit Access

Countdown Timer  

Countdown Timer1 Countdown Timer2


CERT Version 1.43

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