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Curriculum Enrichment Organiser has been updated to version 141118

By Colin Riddington, Dec 3 2014 01:03PM

This is a MAJOR update with many new items including:

- contacts feature

- calendar events

- student mail merge letters

- staff, student and contact group email

- staff and student timetable viewer

- web versions of staff and student choices databases (for use with internet browsers)

- user feedback and system usage logs

There have also been a number of improvements and bug fixes to existing features.

In addition, the CEO program updater has itself been updated!

Please see the following PDF document for a summary of the program features:

CEO Program Features

How to download the update

If you have a 12 months support plan you can download the new version from the following download page: CEO Version 141118

NOTE: You will need to enter your license key to install this update

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